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 More intergrated, more professional:
1、Professional staffs: The members of Commercial FineWin are researchers and marketing managers who had worked in semiconductor field for more than 13 years.
2、Complete product range: 

(1) Semiconductor materials: sapphire substrate; GaN template, Freestanding GaN substrates, Silicon wafers; GaAs wafers, SiC wafers.

(2) Optical windows: sapphire and others

(3) Piezoelectric, acousto-optic and laser crystal: LN, LT, TeO2, KTP, BBO,YAG.

3、Customized with drawings, samples, and applications.

Wafers-GaN, Si, GaAs,Sapphire, Optical Quarts, Borofloat, TeO2, LiTaO3

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