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We provide outsourcing service for the South Korea companies of

installing semi-conductor / solar / battery manufacturing tools

We are outsourcing Korean companies. In particular, we provide solutions to equipment manufacturers for semiconductor/solar/battery processing equipment installation and after-sales services to European customers including Sweden.

We are confident that we can provide quality services for our customers' equipment based on our many years of working experience in the semiconductor/LCD/solar equipment industry.

It is easy to secure installation/customer service personnel for each European region, and through this, you can expect to reduce customer costs.

  • It is beneficial for the sales strategy of the end-customer company through the registration of a local subcontractor in Europe.

  • Forming a network of local processors.

  • Secure supplier contact information in Europe for all the industrial parts; valves/pneumatic parts, etc.

  • We use Solidworks 3D to draw parts for flexible response to product changes.

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