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WSA products provide Stable & Reliable performance throughout overall vacuum.

  • W2V-series, 2stage Oil Rotary Pumps have been steadily delivered to the production facilities of major display and consumer electronics companies (SAMSUNG, LG, DAEWOO, HITACHI, ORION etc.) for over 20 years and therefore verified the safety and reliability.Based on these accumulated technical capabilities, WSA widened its area to various research and laboratory equipment and currently has exported to more than 20 countries around the world including U.S, Russia, China and Japan. Vacuum pumps are used in various field of industrial and research areas. WSA performs the entire process in-house from the purchase of raw materials such as cast and aluminum die casting to machining of all parts hence WSA can be quickly corresponding to the special needs of the customer.
  • With passion and a sense of mission that all employees of the WSA is responsible for the foundation of vacuum industries, you can be assured that we do our best to continuous technology development and quality improvement.

Rotary Vane pump

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