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  • Al2O3: Alumina is a representative material of fine ceramics and has excellent wear resistance of hardness 9 next to diamond, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties.
  • ZrO2: Zirconia, which has excellent stress, has mechanical strength and properties close to metals. By using high-quality ultra-fine raw materials, it is treated with advanced sintering to have a uniform and fine particle size.
  • SiC: It has black or blue crystals. Electrons are used as a raw material for the varistor. SiC single crystal is more resistant to high temperatures than silicon, and in recent years laser emission has been observed, attracting attention as a new semiconductor material.
  • Si3N4: Since it has a strength of about 500 MPa even at 1,300 ° C in the air, it is expected to be used as a high-temperature structural material. Recently, it has also been used in some cases, such as turbocharged blades of automobiles.
  • Decomposes above 2,000 °C. The powder reacts with water vapor, but the dense sintered body is stable. It has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance to molten metal, electrical insulation, and thermal conductivity, and is expected to be used as an IC substrate material, a metal fusion material, and a heat dissipation insulation material.

Ceramic parts

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